The basics

Rebolet is a Berlin eCommerce startup that offers a solution to the problem of returns. We work with a number of eCommerce companies and trading partners and prepare their returns for further trade or, if necessary, recycling.

A large part of the goods we sell online are returns that some articles have never reached the customer and other owners have been returned.
We also sell a considerable amount of overcaps and brand new articles. Before we sell, test and rate a product online, we check every article and carefully check its functionality, integrity and its appearance.

As soon as we have received the goods returned by our partners, a special test and evaluation team goes through every single article. Our team tests the functionality of the products, ensures the completeness of the parts it contains, checks their general appearance as well as the general integrity of the goods and, if necessary, the individual packaging.

If you browse in our online shop, you will find that a certain product can be available in different conditions. These are the conditions that have been assigned to each product after it has undergone our strict test and evaluation procedures.

Here you will find more information About the importance of the individual states.

An "open packaging" article is in a new, unused state. The packaging is also in perfect condition and the entire interior packaging is available. As the title states, the packaging has already been opened and is no longer sealed.

A "like new" article is also in a new, unused state. However, certain packaging elements can be missing or slightly damaged.

In both cases, the actual product should be in perfect condition and the entire accessories.

Orders, including returns, cancellations, reimbursements

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the product obtained, Please contact our support teamto clarify the matter for them.

If necessary, we will provide you with a return label so that you can send the product back to us. In addition, we can and will also send you a replacement product if necessary.

According to our return guidelines, for whatever reason, you can return any article you ordered from us within 30 days.

To process all returns and other order -related questions Please contact our support team directly. We provide you with a pensions paid by us and, if possible, take all other precautions that are necessary to meet your request.

Our right of return enables our customers to return the products ordered from us within 30 days against reimbursement of the original order value. If possible and if desired, we can also send a replacement product instead of a refund.

If you have given up and paid an order, but would like to cancel it before it has been carried out, please contact our as soon as possible Support teamthat will help them. As a rule, this is possible as long as our department store employees have not yet started to process your order.

If you have sent back an article purchased from us, we will refund the original order amount as soon as the return has been received in our warehouse in accordance with our return conditions.

As soon as we have received the returned package in our warehouse, we will process the reimbursement accordingly. Please note that depending on the payment method originally used, it can take a few days for the refund to be completely transferred.

If, for whatever reason, you want to exchange the ordered product for another, Please contact our support team directlyto receive further support.

Yes! Creating a customer account is a simple and efficient way to keep an overview of your orders and to remain informed about our latest updates and special offers.

To create a customer account, click the link "My account" in the upper right corner of our homepage.


Our standard shipping fee is EUR 3.99 per order up to a total weight of 15 kg, regardless of the number of items in a single order.

If the number of products ordered exceeds 15 kg in an order, higher shipping costs may apply.

As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive an automatic email with the confirmation that the order has been received successfully. This means that the order has been received. As soon as the order in our warehouse has been prepared for shipping, you will receive another email with the shipping and control data of the package.

If you have not received any notification from us after 2 working days, Please contact our support directly.

As soon as an order has been confirmed with payment, we strive to carry out the order within 2 working days. The fulfillment of the order means that our warehouse has prepared and packed the products for further transport by our logistics partners.

Our goal is to all articles within 2 to 4 working days to deliver.

However, as soon as we handed over the order to our logistics partners for shipping, it can take a few days until the package arrives. There are a number of factors that determine the time frame for the delivery after the order is carried out. These include, among others. Holidays, extended weekends, unexpected delays by our partners, inaccurate shipping and/or delivery information, etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer a pick -up service. We can therefore only send articles on standard shipping options. However, let us know if this is an important topic for you so that we can further discuss the urgency of this service.

At the moment we can only meet and send orders within the EU. We hope that we will be able to expand to other areas in the future and will surely announce this.


At the moment we can accept payments for orders via one of the following options

Credit and debit card
Apple Pay
Google Pay

If you want to pay an order with a different method as one of the above, e.g. by bank transfer, we cannot offer these options at the present time. In the future we may be able to offer further payment methods.

help and support

Our support team is at your side for all questions. To contact our support, you can use one of the following channels:

Send us an email directly via
Call us under +49 (0)30 235951671
Use the live chat function on our website

Please note that our customer support can currently only be reached Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you cannot reach us by phone or live chat, we recommend that you send an email to our support team. We will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays).

Our support team can be reached from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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